Friday, September 28, 2012

life is good

still here. still wiping bottoms and reviewing vowel sounds and incessantly reminding my children to close the back door and wash their hands and to SHUSH!cuzifyouwakethatbabyi'llgiveyou500spankings!

school is in full swing. i've got a 2nd grader, official kindergartner, a would be preschooler if i ever got around to doing actual fun preschooly things (but i just found out the other day he has the first 15 presidents memorized so there's that...) and a 9 month old who hates to miss out on the fun so he'd rather not waste much of his day napping.

and they still wear clothes that need to be washed one million times a week and still actually need to eat. every day! sheesh. life is crazy. 

and its incredibly good. i feel like God is teaching me a lot this year. in the words of my dear friend lisa, a lot about "self-death" and the wonderful reward in being filled by Him daily and making the most of the opportunities to love my kids.

(even if it means fewer opportunities to blog and be a decent friend that returns phone calls...)

and while we've had many fun events happening in our life such as camping (not me! are you crazy? like i'd camp with a baby...) and beach outings and a super special visit from my amazing sister and her equally amazing family and many other fun memories... i'll just leave you with the pictures from tonight. 

i'm glad i have a husband who is actually fun and has energy and is excited to do fun things like take a picnic to the beach and roast s'mores under a full moon.

and if this guy were food i'd eat him up! i know i'm biased, but... come on. seriously!

btw, did you know how much energy little boys have? 

well, times that by 3. and then you won't need to ask me why i have dark circles under my eyes and i walk around in a daze.
 little dude CAN NOT get enough of the sand. he loves it. 

does it get any better than this?


Vicki said...

Such fun to see your beautiful family! Sounds like everything's going great in your corner of the world.

hestermom said...

I absolutely love your writing style. You have this amazing way of drenching deep spiritual truth, and sometimes even pain or even amazing joy in sarcasm. It always makes me smile and also makes me want to be around you more. I love the pictures of the smores on the beach, and all I could think is that I wish we were there with you. So next time, hollah, and we'll join you. =)
And, I don't know if you have found this to be true...but I am finding the "slow death of myself" to be equal parts pain, as well as equal parts freedom and joy. He must increase, and I must decrease.