Monday, October 10, 2011

note to that open house realtor and other random strangers:

hi, allow me to introduce myself.

yes, i'm a homeschooling mom.

i love my kids and love the experience of homeschooling them.

i do not sit at home and weave together matching denim jumpers.

or sit around polishing up my gun collection.

so when you run into my innocent little 5 year old and ask the question, "so, where do you go to school?" please know i'm working on teaching him how to apply a filter to his mouth.

because while its true that i don't particularly want to enroll my kids in public school, the actual reason we homeschool is NOT because that "school down the street tells us that we come from monkeys and lots of other lies."

and then when you smile politely and say things like, "oh, i'm not sure that they teach -" and he emphatically interrupts you and says, "oh yes they do! my mommy says so!" well... its just that i'm not
that extreme about it.

because one day this summer, during one of our many, many trips to the doctor for ella's mono adventure, bennett found a national geographic to peruse. and one very interesting, very detailed picture showed the evolution of monkey to man. this naturally fascinated him and he asked me about it so i took a few seconds to say that some people believe that there is not a God who created us and rather think that we came from monkeys.

he giggled because yes, even a 5 year old sees how ludicrous this is.

then a few days later i was explaining all the reasons i'm excited for homeschooling this year and how much fun it will be as a family and how great it will be to learn about God and the world he created.

and then i maybe mentioned how important it is for us to learn things according to the bible and that at public schools you don't really have that option. and the magazine article came up for about 2 seconds and i thought that was the end of it.

obviously it's not.

and while i try to coach bennett on how to better present us as a happy, loving family and not a bunch of bitter, angry, conservative freaks... well, he's 5 and it may take a little time for him to learn.

so, for all of you out there that we have offended because of his quick honesty, i'm truly sorry.


Heather said...

THAT is hysterical.

Darnnit, though, I really wanted to see those homemade denim jumpers on a Christmas card...especially the adorable maternity one for you :)

Kids, you gotta love 'em.

Vicki said...

That is such a cute story. I guess since you're not stitching denim jumpers or polishing your guns, you must be canning hundreds of quarts of veggies from your garden or gathering eggs from your backyard henhouse or digging the hole for your survival hut in the backyard! Gee whiz, why do we have to be so quick to stereotype?!