Thursday, September 8, 2011


so we officially started our school year this week and so far its gone quite well. i mean, what school year isn't going to start off great when the teacher is greeted with flowers and donuts and these adorable faces when arriving home from her early morning walk on the first day of school. ("early morning" because insomnia is still wrecking my life.)

the kids are excited about the year and about their new notebooks and jobs and workboxes and centers.

hoping this excitement will continue for another 100+ days...

the other day i asked ella, "so, what are some of the things you are excited about with homeschooling this year?" without hesitation she responds, "well. i'm excited that you won't be getting pregnant this time and there will be a tad bit more learning going on than last year."

well alrighty then.

leave it to your kids to be honest.

a few days ago i was talking to them about how excited i am for the opportunity to be their teacher this year and then i asked them if they remembered why it is we decided to homeschool.

"yes, because at that school down there," bennett points out the window. "they tell all kinds of lies that we came from monkeys and other stuff that isn't true. and so we are going to draw pictures of what's true and show people when they come to our house so they can believe in God."

well, ummm... i don't think that is exactly why we homeschool... but ok...

so... let the learning begin!


Rachael Schepemaker said...

amen and amen!

Heather said...

Out of the mouths of it!

Here's to a great school year full of blog fodder for the momma and learning for the kids!

(Still waiting for the homespun denim Christmas cards, though...just sayin')

Our Family said...

Thanks for making me laugh Stephanie! I love reading your blog :-)