Wednesday, August 31, 2011

yay for soccer

its not that i completely despise soccer season.

i do love my kids and it
is really fun to watch them play and enjoy themselves.

its just that soccer mom duties really interfere with my selfishness. and that's just plain annoying to me.

take for instance this weekend. thanks to this life sucking insomnia that is oppressing me, i had been up since 4 am on a saturday. all i desperately wanted was a nap.

but instead we found ourselves at the fields for not one but two afternoon games.

because now bennett has joined his sister in the soccer fun.

and what are the chances of getting the same color
and same number as your sibling? i think its pretty cool.

ella... maybe not so much. who wants to match their little brother?

and how does bennett feel about it? well, he probably hasn't even noticed yet.

sometimes i wish i could be more like bennett. so carefree and happy and oblivious...

ella has really found her aggressive streak on the field (not that we didn't know it existed. it just hadn't manifested itself outside her dealings with me.)
she did awesome and scored the first goal of the season! here's the picture: oh yeah, that's right. i was with my five year old's little bladder in the bathrooms and totally missed it.

and while i'm SO glad we don't still live in phoenix because the extent of my children's extra curricular activities would be indoor juggling... it was a little on the warm side. bennett also had his first game and loved it. good times for our little family.

only 9 more saturdays, 21 more practices, 4 snack duties, 2 picture times and an excessive amount of money spent on silly banners, hair ties, and end of the season parties to go!

yay for soccer!


Heather said...

I simply love your candor. You are the most reluctant soccer mom I know :)

And I sit here nodding and smiling, b/c I feel much the same way about my kids' sports. We do it b/c we love them, not so much b/c they're going to be the next sports superstar.

(Although it would be pretty awesome for them to rake in millions of bucks and share some with their sweet mothers who DROVE them to all of those practices and games, right?)

Rachael Schepemaker said...

you are a crack up!