Tuesday, October 5, 2010

party time

although my life of sleep deprivation did not officially begin until exactly 6 years ago on friday, we had an early birthday celebration for ella today.

it was super fun.ella's closest friends...
lots of cooking (and by cooking i mean playing with food)...

laughter and screeching...

and enough sugar to put a diabetic straight into a coma.

tempting, eh?

a cooking party is perfect for kids at this age.

especially if you are insane.

ok, but actually, it was really fun. and ella felt special, which is really all that matters.

and when i had the bright idea to make chef hats for the kids to decorate and wear, i made the mistake of sizing them all to ella's head.
i forgot about how ella's head circumference was off the charts (literally) in all the percentiles at every doctor's visit.

every. one.

he even had us come back for extra well checks, just to be sure.

big heads run in my family. just ask my brother.

or my dad, whose football helmets had to be special ordered in high school.

it has to do with all that brilliance. big brains, i tell ya.

anyhow, i did feel bad when the girls would say, "i can't see! i can't see!" when their hat dipped down below their eyes.

i know what you are thinking, at least those completely AWESOME aprons they got to take home made up for it.
my friend beth personalized and perfected them for me. she's pretty amazing.

more on her very soon.

but right now, since the kids are in bed, the house is quiet and the tornado has subsided, i'm going to go eat some chocolate and check out to shallow tv viewing.

happy birthday, ella.


Heather said...

What a GREAT idea for a party (esp if you're insane...girl, you crack me up!).

I LOVE Bennett's expression in that last pic...is he daydreaming of the day he will be able to date Ella's friends, or rueing the fact that you made him participate in this girl-party? Hmmm...

Hope everyone has recovered and the maid showed up to clean up the mess.

You don't have a maid?

Looks like you need me and Isabel to fly out to cali stat!

Susie said...

Wow, I have been sleep deprived for almost the exact same amount of time...we are soul sister. We were meant to know eachother. :) 6 years and 2 months for me. :)
Happy Birthday to that beauty of yours. Get her modeling already..geesh..can you say college fund.

Cortney said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for inviting Ruby to Ella's party. She had so much fun, and I hope you've recovered. I'm so sorry we left your house in shambles. We're terribly rude guests. Feel free to come by anytime and return the favor.