Friday, July 23, 2010


so i realize i've been a little absent from the blog lately.

its just that there are so many things to do... friends and family to see, books to read, beaches to visit...
the summer has been full. and relaxing too.

this week was VBS.

monday started a bit insane for my liking. i put mason in the nursery so i could help out.

naturally, it didn't go so well. and if you leave my son sitting by himself on the floor, crying hysterically for over an hour, he won't be coming back. k?

and since i was serving in the craft room (clearly, not well thought out... crafts???) and it happened to be in the 2 year old sunday school room, mason could just come with me and play in the corner with the toys while i helped 85 thousand 4 year olds glue owl eyes on paper bags.

i was relieved of my VBS duties after mason tore down the decorations and threw a book at a kids head.

i then became a lady of leisure. what to do for 3 hours while the older kids are in VBS?

well, of all exciting destinations to chose, we started at the DMV. i have yet to get my california driver's license. the law says something like 10 days after moving. 10 days, 10 months. what's the difference?

and after 40 minutes and the list not even a third of the way to my name, and after mason had exhausted all attempts at entertaining himself with the 3 crayons, 2 cars, stale play-dough and bag of jelly beans in my purse it was obviously time to head to the mall.

sorry, state of california, someday...

so... the mall. it was fun except for the fact that everything i want is either way too expensive or i'd have to stop eating until at least december for it to actually look any good on me. oh, and then there was mason pulling things off of hangers and throwing his shoes at that cute elderly couple...

the mall wasn't the greatest option either.

i could have headed home. there was plenty of cleaning and laundry piling up. in fact, bennett said to me this week, "mom, i really need more clothes." umm, what? this kid never asks for clothes. "yeah, there is nothing left in my drawer."

oh, that. oops. yeah, you can wear your dirty stuff.

so now that it is friday afternoon and VBS is officially over, i'm rather looking forward to next week. i much prefer not needing to be anywhere at any specific time. and i like to take my time in the morning eating breakfast, cleaning up, getting ready for the day and wasting a good chunk of time on facebook and reading favorite blogs of mine.

and then there's plenty to do... the beach... the zoo... coffee with around here is pretty good.


Vicki said...

Wow, I think I want your life. Or maybe I want my life, but just with a beach close by...

Heather said...

Your stories about VBS/DMV/the mall sound so much like my old days with Gabe, it makes me smile.

Mainly, I'm smiling 'cause it's you and not me. I survived. You will, too. Something about that third baby, I tell you.

Wish we could have coffee together someday...guess we'll have to settle for a virtual coffee date for now.

Stef said...

Haha! I love it!
And I have lived in NM for like 4 years now and I still have my AZ license. It doesn't expire for like 35 years. Why should I get a new on that would require me to renew it every 5 years. I just don't have time.
Enjoy the leisure. School is just around the corner...sniffles.