Sunday, June 27, 2010

back tracking a little...

my blog missed father's day and i feel like my super dad and my exceptional husband got gypped by not receiving the proper internet attention. i mean, what if they thought i don't love them or appreciate how awesome they are? often, people will remark about what a fantastic father anthony is. and sometimes there is a hint of surprise in their comment. not personally directed at anthony, but just the fact that its seems there are fewer and fewer men willing to step up and be the leader of the family. and change diapers and do baths and grocery shop and instigate epic pillow fights and plan fun family outings and hide licorice in your pocket for impromptu snack opportunities. but this observation, or rather anthony's fantastic father-ness, doesn't really seem all that shocking to me. (partly because, come on, like i'd marry a loser?) but also, i had a pretty great example growing up. i mean, aren't all fathers supposed to be incredibly amazing?

perhaps i'm just really spoiled.
so happy (belated) father's day to the men in my life. thanks for loving me and loving my kids. so our father's day began with a reminder of how much our kids want to be just like daddy. like when mason climbed up on the bathroom counter and grabbed anthony's razor and started shaving. notice small nick on chin that produced a surprising amount of blood.

then it was off to san diego. pretty sure i'd never get sick of beach vacations. especially this special little place i've been to for more years than i remember. i have such great memories with my family. walking out on the pier at sunset. watching the surfers. and the is when mason realized there was water crashing under him. and here's where he decided he wasn't walking one more step. impromptu snack time. while watching the fisherman. there are all kinds of memories. riding bikes around the bay. playing in the ocean. building sand castles. watching for the "bird man" and wondering what special costume he may be wearing that will pretty much not cover all necessary body parts...

and really, one of my favorite parts about vacationing here is breakfast at konos.

(pardon me while i salivate over here.)

they have the most amazing french toast ever. EVER. and i pretty much don't like french toast. anywhere but konos.

i dream about it.

the only thing that would make it more perfect would be having it served to me on a tray in bed when i awake on my own free will around 9 or 10 am.

but the only person getting breakfast in bed these days is definitely not me. good times.


angie said...

I love those pictures on the pier. Makes me so want to go there!

How many family pictures do you think we've taken in that exact spot?

Anonymous said...

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