Wednesday, November 12, 2008


this morning we said good-bye to jake...
i would like to say that i am really going to miss him, but that would be lying. i am, however, very sad for my husband who has had jake longer than he has had me. and although i am looking forward to no more dog hair, slobber, or fears of him ripping someones face off, i do have some fond memories of our very lovable, goofy dog.

as anthony drove away with jake, i was left to attempt an explanation to the kids. not sure if bennett really cared; he was too busy jumping off the ottoman. but as i informed them that jake was old and it was his time to die, ella actually had a big smile on her face as she realized that now maddie would have some company... you know, besides just Jesus and God. so here is a little snippet of our conversation:

ella: oh, is daddy driving him to heaven?
me: no, just to see dr. kc.
ella clearly is confused by this.
me, trying to explain more clearly: dr. kc will give him a shot and it won't hurt at all.
ella: so then why does it hurt when we get a shot?
me: well, his shot might hurt a little, but the rest of it won't.
ella: so will he die right away?
me: umm... yeah, i guess.
ella: will we see him when we go there (heaven)?
me: uh, yeah, i hope so. (hey, if i'm lying she won't be sad about it then because there are no tears in heaven...)
ella is quiet for a long time: i want jake to come home.

jake, in his better days, getting a very loving check up from his favorite vets:


Rachael Schepemaker said...

So sad. Was Jake sick? Didn't you guys just go through this with your other dog? Hope Anthony is handling it well. I know it's just a dog, but they are still under our care and loved greatly.

Bosse Posse said...

I sure hope Anthony brought some dog food to that Jake doesn't get hungry in heaven ... like Maddie did.

Nicole said...

Sorry to hear that Stephanie. Give Anthony our best I know it had to be hard. Take Care!