Wednesday, May 14, 2008

fun dr. appointments

so i had my 22 week dr. appt today. these visits i usually enjoy by myself out of thoughtfulness for the doctor, staff, and other patients who although are looking forward to delivering their own bundle of joy, most likely don't find my precious children as endearing as i do as they scream, squeal, run around, and enjoy their childhood.

this visit of peace and quiet today reminded me of my last appointment and how ella had come with me in order to make it to ballet in time while daddy was home with bennett and his stomach flu. it was all very fun to her, especially when it came time for the collection of the urine sample. as i began the process, ella looked at me with humorous shock and said, "mommy! what are you doing?" apparently, she has never seen anyone pee in a cup before. good thing. so i explain it to her and she asks, "mommy, can i see it?" and since she was so excited, possibly as though seeing a pony for the first time, i figure... hey, where's the harm in letting my 3 year old look at my pee in a cup. "sure," i say to her. so with wide eyes she walks across the bathroom, looks in the cup and says with awe, "wow, mommy. your pee-pee is beautiful."

i love being a mom. i really can't think of anyone else on the face of this earth who would respond the same way.


Teri said...

Ha, you just never know what they are going to say do you.

Charlotte said...

Oh Stephanie,

Wow ... well, maybe it's because my hormones are a lil' wacky right now, or maybe it's due to the unabashed, vulnerable, and adoring love that little children give ... but your story made me cry! Oh, that we might all have someone in our lives who thinks that even our pee-pee is pretty....