Saturday, April 5, 2008

horse rides, a tipi, and purple hair

after our fun filled trip to california, we (me and the kids) decided to head up to grammy and poppa's to "help" out while grace and caleb are staying there with their parents still in china. yeah, taking a 1 year-old and a 3 year-old to "help" is not the brightest idea i have ever had, but i would like to think its the thought that counts.

we did have a great time the first day (before bennett pulled an all nighter after coming down with a miserable cold). we went to our dear friend karen's house where she has an authentic tipi and a very nice horse. ella and bennett enjoyed riding a horse for the first time and we all enjoyed the special love and attention from karen.

we also had the treat of hanging out with uncle chad, playing with our cousins, and purple hair for april fool's day. (although i must add that ella abstained from the purple hair and acted like everyone else was crazy. hopefully this is another sign of her independence and refusal to cave to peer pressure.)

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Sara said...

Only in Arizona... friends have authentic tipis as well as a friendly horse in their backyard. :)

How fun! Thanks for letting my kids know that horses are not simply mythical creatures that reside somewhere on the other side of the rainbow...

Love from suburbia...