Wednesday, March 12, 2008

tony bologna

ella enjoys a variety of stories told to her at naptime and bedtime. if mommy is putting her down, she hears a susan story (which often has to do with a little girl, who sounds mysteriously similar to ella, learning a valuable lesson after throwing a temper tantrum or hurting someone or not following directions) and a Jesus story. if daddy is putting her down, she hears an e.j. story ("ella joy" which is often fun and silly and ends with "ej saves the day!") and a tony bologna story (which originated initially with uncle tony telling these stories to ella's cousins and are so exciting and creative they have become some of ella's favorites). often, ella has special requests and gets specific stories confused... like when it's time to hear a Jesus story and ella wants the one where they go to the D-Backs game and eat tony bologna sandwiches and a little girl falls off her bicycle and ej saves the day.

since tony bologna eats "special" sandwiches in his stories, anthony thought it would be fun for ella to have one of these "special" sandwiches. (i say "special" with quotes because i don't find bologna the least bit appealing, especially in my first trimester.) but this is why daddy is so much fun. having bologna sandwiches has become a favorite meal ella looks forward to, especially on weekends when daddy is home and will make them with her.

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Nicole said...

Hahhaa, too funny! I agree with ya, nothing too appetizing about bologna pregnant or not! BUT, Ryan used to come home from school everyday from kinder thru 3rd grade and request a bologna sandwhich with ketchup and mustard! EEEWWW! How gross is that? Sooo, been there...haha!This too shall pass! lol