Wednesday, February 20, 2008

sunday school

our family headed up to see my parents this past weekend for a nice little break. anthony went to church with ella while i stayed home with bennett and his runny nose. when they got back, i asked ella how sunday school was. "good." she then told me her teacher's name was miss jennifer. "was she nice?" i asked her. "yeah," said ella. "and she didn't even hit me."

ummm... what? does that usually happen to you in sunday school? what kind of church are we going to!?! :)


Sara said...


This story made me laugh out loud! :) It was really good catching up with you today...maybe we will take a little excursion to AZ...perhaps we'd even bring the kids?!? Yikes! :)

Thanks for the call!

Bethany said...

Steph - That is so funny! What a great story :)